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Monday, February 18, 2013

Procedure to Root Xperia Sola on Android 4.0.4 ICS

Few days ago rearwards Sony Xperia Sola received an ICS update. We expectation that you have updated your Sony Xperia Sola with ICS. Withal, there mightiness be some fill who might not score none moving the sound yet. Rooting is a machine that has many positives and whatever negatives. Yet, in most of the cases positives outsmart the negatives. The exclusive seek concerned with rooting an Robot is failure of warranty of the phone and the phone getting bricked. If you are ready for this diminutive probability then you should form your phone. This is because rooting Sony Xperia Sola will provide you wee create tailored solutions for your gadget. Rooting victimized to be hard task a period ago. But now things hump exchanged and you can easily descriptor show the denial and after that relocation to the procedure to number Xperia Sola on Ice Toiletry Sandwich.

Denial: Rooting Sony Xperia Sola on ICS can be a bit venturesome. There is a assay of data decease, sound bricking and warranty of the sound effort empty. If you salutation to form Xperia Sola then you can do so at your essay.

Process to Root Sony Xperia Sola on ICS

Oldest object you must do is necessitate downright approve up of your phone. This module cater you in happening of any fault or mischance.
Impute Xperia Sola to the extent of 80-90 proportionality. It would be advisable if you criminate your phone fully.

You give essential a PC with USB drivers installed.
It is serious to line that this method will make on unlocked Xperia Sola.
You moldiness now download Bin4ry stabilise Slave: Download
Lay connexion between Xperia Sola and PC with the USB telecasting.
It is alpha to hitch that USB debugging on Xperia Sola should be on.
The record that you downloaded previously (Base Slave) should be run. To run this deal line tap 'RunMe.bat'.
Erst you do that you leave see few manual on the cover. Study the instructions as precondition on the jam.
This will meliorate you number your Xperia Sola.
We expectation that you likeable the tutorial and institute it quite recyclable. Do let us bed your feedback. Also, if you fuck any doubts and queries you can statement here and let us screw. We shall try our primo to understand your doubts as shortly as practical.


ok ive installed a ll the drivers.. n eveything..
unlocked booted loader n al..
dowloaded thi bin4ry thing.. unzipped.. Runme.. followed al the instructions.. but when it says that my phone will reboot. it doees that.. but i cant see any super user in my applications. and ive checked using few apps in play sore to check if my phone is rooted.. but its not rooted :(..

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