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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jelly Bean Treat Coming up for Atrix HD

As per Motorola’s official page update, it is anticipated that the next Android gadget to receive a Jelly Bean update is Motorola Atrix HD. Motorola Atrix HD is an amazing Android tablet that is loaded with some superb features. Now the buzz is that before the end of this year, Atrix HD along with both the Xooms would get Jelly Bean update. Isn’t this amazing?
However, in Canada Atrix HD is supposed to get this update at the start of the year. Motorola RAZR HD shall join Atrix HD. Not only this, many other Motorola devices shall also get Jelly Bean update very soon. Since Google now owns Motorola, it is but obvious that updates shall hit Motorola Androids quickly. Thus Motorola gadgets would be technically ahead in updates as compared to its counterparts. That’s the reason why many prospective Android buyers sincerely consider Motorola gadgets.
Now, coming back to the point, let us discuss that once Motorola Atrix HD gets Jelly Bean, what customers can expect from the tablet? Well, you will actually experience a better interface after flashing Jelly Bean. The over all performance will also get enhanced and there will be smoother and better experience. It is believed that no other Android operating system has been so good as compared to Jelly Bean. There would be lot of improvements in icons, wallpapers and home page. The brightness and clarity would be unmatched.
Thus Motorola Atrix HD owners would have a bright and wonderful Christmas. This is because Jelly Bean’s smooth and buttery performance would surely enhance their Android experience. If you have used ICS 4.1 and ICS 4.2, you will immediately know the difference after using Jelly Bean. Thus, it is good news for Motorola Atrix HD users that they would get Jelly Bean treat very soon.