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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jellybean update now rolling out for T-Mobile HTC One S

Yes, you heard it right! A couple of hours ago many people confirmed their device showing an update notification. However, we are yet to see anything from T-Mobile on their official HTC One S software update page. Reports are coming from those with device in hands. We still need a confirmation word from the T-Mobile though.

Those who are on T-Mobile with HTC One S in hands, might want to check for an update. To check for update, head to Menu-> Settings-> scroll down to About phone -> Software updates -> Check now to try for an update and get updated if you are getting one. We are pretty much sure you will get an update notification. Those who are patient enough can wait and sit back to get notified automatically. Update now, or later, you are still going to get the same output, Android 4.1 Jellybean!
A couple of weeks ago we had heard that T-Mobile is testing the Jellybean update for the HTC One S ahead of its eventual release. Since then, we could not hear anything about the update or the OTA release dates. T-Mobile totally surprised the HTC One S owners today as it rather silently started providing OTA to the customers after a long wait.

Talking about the update, if you are getting one, or getting notified about, you might want to get within a range of Wi-Fi connection. The update is as huge as 675 Megabytes in size. Which means Over-The-Air cannot really be possible. Instead, the update must be downloaded in conjuction with a Wi-Fi network .

Jellybean is bound to bring much more features to the device. One of the major features it brings is Google Now! Your device will be updated to the software version 3.14.531.11 as reported by an user. T-Mobile officials said the upgrade process is a lengthy one and users are supposed to stay calm while the process goes on. The update process is supposed to take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Final word: If not now, then it wont be too late. You will soon taste Jellybean for sure!


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